SIKU (See-Koo)  means β€œday” in Swahili, the working language of East Africa. Long the trading language of East and Central Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Portugal and India, Swahili is a mix of Bantu, Arabic and Portuguese. Today, Swahili is spoken in eleven countries. Of course it doesn't hurt thatβ€œDay” is our founder's married name! 

SIKU style is an online lifestyle and content platform focused on people, places and products found in global emerging markets. Through our blog and projects we highlight and share design, culinary traditions, natural beauty and style from the Middle East and Africa. After moving to Amman, Jordan in Spring 2015, Charlotte became mesmerized by the vibrant culinary culture and design scene emerging and knew she wanted to share this side of the Middle East often overlooked in traditional Western media. Her experiences in Africa also influenced Charlotte's desire to explore the significance of locality, authenticity, and traditional craft, particularly as communities in the developing world urbanize and traditional arts become something of the past. 

SIKU style is a lens into the world's #TuckedAwayPlaces. 

Charlotte Florance Day, founder


Charlotte Florance is an intrepid explorer and treasure hunter. With an international development and economics background, she has worked with artisans and entrepreneurs in developing countries to improve their craft and the environment in which their businesses operate.

Through SIKU style Charlotte incorporates long-held artisanal and culinary traditions in western design spaces. She is deeply committed to ensuring craft traditions do not become lost as emerging markets mature. She is constantly developing and promoting innovative ways to ensure artisanal production remains a definitive element of design.

Charlotte works with a variety of producers and non-governmental organizations to create and curate honest, beautiful stories, which highlight the work of entrepreneurs, the role of markets, and the global challenges around the world. Currently, she is a contributor to The Daily Signal, the Editorial Director for TO THE MARKET, and a blogger for The Huffington Post.

When she is not traveling around the world, Charlotte is based in Amman, Jordan with her husband, Ramsey and their furry feline, Mozi.

If you are interested in learning more about SIKU style’s current projects and how we might partner drop us a line: charlotte@SIKUstyle.com.

Jamie Florance, director of photography (& super cool brother!)

Jamie Florance thrives on the unfamiliar. Whether he is exploring somewhere for the first time or using a new piece of equipment, this is when Jamie sees most clearly. Growing up in Southern California his time was split evenly between the mountains, beach, and desert. This taught Jamie how to repeatedly adapt to his environment and instilled a great appreciation and interest in the outdoors.

Now Jamie lives in Brooklyn, NY shooting fashion photography. While the city presents an abundance of stimuli, he often finds himself swapping out high rises for pine trees upstate almost every chance he gets.

Aside from living and breathing photography, Jamie co-manages an independent publishing house specializing in artists' books, A Love Token Press. They've worked with photographers all over the world and have almost over 100 titles.

Interested in learning more about Jamie's work? You can reach him at jamie@SIKUstyle.com.

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